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satan’s joystick – halloween parade: 2nd grade

i thought there would be like 100 halloween albums, but it turns out there are only a few. frank zappa has a live album called halloween. fight claims that oingo boingo made a halloween record, but i can’t find any evidence online. sonic youth had a halloween single featuring the song halloween. liars made a record about witches, but it never specifically mentions halloween. and dave matthews, the dead kennedys, the misfits and the young werewolves all recorded songs called halloween. actually my search was too narrow. but i don’t want to list halloween songs (except to mention this song by the shaggs called it’s halloween, the best halloween song there is), i want to introduce the freshest, coolest halloween record hitting the airwaves this year: satan’s joystick’s halloween parade: 2nd grade.

i was going to have the cover of the record be the next thing on this blog, but i can’t load the picture. you can check it out here.

not much is known about brian and gavin spy. supposedly their house is haunted by their old landlord. here’s a message the ghost left on their computer while they were recording this record:

They eat your flesh
But do they tatse the meat
It is only blood
Or is….
Zombie eat
Zombies eat
Zombies eat your meat



david bowie – station to station

how many records did david bowie make in the seventies? eleven. and how many of them are totally awesome? i would say all of them except pin ups which is just a record of covers. many of us have the disadvantage of not being alive in the seventies, so we’ll never know the feeling of hitching a ride downtown on the trolley, stopping by the local record store, picking up the new david bowie record and then riding all the way back home before listening to it on our hi-fi systems. but i prefer now. since we now have instant access to almost all music ever recorded, we don’t have to wait for the next mind-blowing david bowie record, the record finds us when we’re ready for it.

station to station falls right after young americans but just before the berlin trilogy (low, “heroes” and lodger). due to a diet of red peppers, milk and cocaine, bowie doesn’t remember anything about recording this record. supposedly bowie had spent the year in a drug-terror sharing his home with egyptian artifacts, having his semen stolen by witches and receiving secret and possibly satanic messages from the rolling stones.

the wipers – youth of america

my pick fell on the weekend i ended up in oregon, so i’m going with portland’s favorite punk band.

lately i’ve been into long songs and the title track from the wipers 2nd record clocks in at over ten minutes. greg sage, the principal songwriter of the wipers, claims that this song was inspired by a futuristic dream: “this dream had such a sense of realism and intensity to it that i went overboard with the recording to symbolize it. there are about 50 guitars in some parts.”

other things to (possibly) know:
-i heard that kurt cobain loved these guys
-two separate reviews of the record referred to the title track as a behemoth
-this record was released in 1981