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Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!


This is a brand new album from a group of anarcho-psycho-banjo dudes that disappeared about a decade ago. Maybe everyone knows that. I have no idea. I really liked their late 90s stuff, this has a good title and good cover and probably some good end-times post-rock – something we’re all likely in the mood for on the eve of the potential election of Mitt freaking Romney.

I assume everyone has some way of getting this…? Here it is on Spotify: 


Old Year Mix


Here’s a mix I made.  Sounds like a good one to do drugs to, though I don’t touch ’em.  Works for video games.  Mainly I recommend headphones.  That’s why I call it the ’07 Headphones Mix.  Oh, all of the songs are either new releases last year or from albums reissued last year.  (Lee Perry, Bruce Haack, Der Plan, and Lubomyr Melnyk are the reissued songs.)  Try this to download:

duke and john album

I’m sure there is lots about this out there.  You can find it as easily as I can.  1962.  Recorded very near the recording of Duke’s “Money Jungle”.  Very classy, but not boring.  The two play off of one another really well.  The first track may be favorite.  If you’ve not heard Coltrane, this is a good first.  I’ve not heard much Ellington, but I’d like to.  Any fans out there want to recommend some records?


Also, everyone feel free to make a pick whenever you feel inspired.  I like this, and I hope people will jump in.  If not, I’ll keep picking.  Only one rule: Try to give each album one week from the posted date. 

Laurie Anderson – Big Science

I don’t know a lot about this album, except that I remember hearing O Superman years ago.  Lately, it’s become one of those recurring references.  Even before I heard that it was being rereleased, it seems like I kept hearing and reading hesuperman-11.gifr name and especially O Superman.  The song seems to have been given new significance since the September 11 attacks.  (It’s Sept 11 as I write this and that had nothing to do with my choosing Big Science.  But interesting anyway.)  Laurie Anderson herself seems like quite a piece of work. 

     “One of her most-cited performances, Duets on Ice, which she conducted in New York and other cities around the world, involved her playing violin along with a recording while wearing ice skates with the blades frozen into a block of ice; the performance ended only when the ice had melted away.”

Not bad.  I guess before Big Science she was known mainly for her performance art.  According to wiki, Big Science is musical segments from an 8-hour performance piece called United States Live.  Hmm…, I think I’ll stick to the 60 minute album. 

I searched for her on you tube, but didn’t find anything I wanted to post here.  O Superman might be the best song you’ve ever heard.  I hope the rest of this is just as good. 

ooooooh baby

oooooooh babyMy girlfriend’s sister asked me to dj her wedding.  It sounds like fun, but I’m looking at my list, and getting a little worried.  Even at its most upbeat, the music I like tends be to be pretty melancholy.  I need everyone to help me with this.  Try to come up with a few songs that would be good for a wedding.  I especially want some happy, danceable suggestions.  I know you were thinking Livin Thing, but you’re too late.  I already picked that one.

Thanks buds.

Henryk Gorecki Symphony No. 3 Symphony of Sorrowful Songs (1976)

symphony no. 3

This recording:

Dawn Upshaw, soprano

London Sinfonietta, David Zinman, Conductor (1992)


Your turn, when you’re ready.