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Daniel Johnston – Yip/Jump Music: Summer 1983

this is the 5th self-released music cassette album by Daniel Johnston. the best way to learn about Daniel Johnston is by listening to his songs. Or you can get a good idea about the guy from watching the documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston. but since this is Album of the week and not Movie of the week you should listen to Yip/Jump Music: Summer 1983. i really like the art work too. website has some info and more art.


jim o’rourke eureka

if you haven’t heard of Jim O’Rourke then you haven’t been paying attention. Apparently he won a Grammy for producing Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. He also joined Sonic Youth on a few albums and eps. Oh yeah and he scored the movie Love Liza. i like that movie. Eureka, released by Drag City in 1999 was named after the 1984 Nicolas Roeg film of the same name. he named 3 more of his albums after Roeg films. you can read pitchforkmedia’s stupid review here. but don’t base your opinion on that idiots review. listen for yourself. i like this album a lot, but it is kind of all over the place. it’s both beautiful and strange.

pop france

I got this 60’s French Cuts Pop Music stuff pretty much by accident and it is blowing my mind. Reminds me of the best ever British Nuggets Box. Seems like they like the hip British 60’s stuff in France. There are some covers i could do without but it’s really cool to hear what’s happening in French popular culture during the French New Wave. This what i found out about this compilation “This collection has been put together by some Francophiles in Munich, who have selected tracks that are popular in their club.” If i were you i’d put this on random and listen to it for a week straight. (oh yeah. good luck organizing it in itunes, since it’s all different artists.)

p.s. Bridgette Bardot is foxy.