duke and john album

I’m sure there is lots about this out there.  You can find it as easily as I can.  1962.  Recorded very near the recording of Duke’s “Money Jungle”.  Very classy, but not boring.  The two play off of one another really well.  The first track may be favorite.  If you’ve not heard Coltrane, this is a good first.  I’ve not heard much Ellington, but I’d like to.  Any fans out there want to recommend some records?


Also, everyone feel free to make a pick whenever you feel inspired.  I like this, and I hope people will jump in.  If not, I’ll keep picking.  Only one rule: Try to give each album one week from the posted date. 


3 responses to “

  1. the first song is kind of sad, like falling snow.

  2. yeah. I get that. i was almost embarrassed that it sounded like a christmas album.

  3. i love this. so much.

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